Scotlands Premier Equestrian Facility

Cross Country Course

Scotland’s finest training facility are found in the heart of lowland Perthshire within the Strathearn Valley.

Strathearn Eventing was opened in 1992 by Ian Stark MBE (Olympic Gold Medalist/trainer and course designer), with the aim of providing a first class cross country training facility.  Based in rural Perthshire amongst 50 acres of permanent pasture and woodland.  The “Jessie Burn” flows through Golden Weeping Willows and spring flowers which is admired by many riders.  Over 30 years on we have expanded to include over 200 jumping options, two water complexes, banks, steps, ditches etc.. all of varying heights.  A “new” baby course provides a safe and educational start for the young or inexperienced horses/ponies and riders with logs from under 1’0.  Strathearn Eventing has approximately 1500 riders through the gates each year.

An ideal training complex for young horses and inexperienced riders to gain confidence as all banks, ditches, steps and water complexes have options for first timers.  More experienced riders are able to enjoy a range of testing and technical features including arrowheads, corners, a bounce, ski  jumps, into space, coffin, trakenhars and two water complexes for all abilities.

A kindergarten playground has been built to encourage youngsters and novices to ride over cross country fences in a smaller and enclosed area for spectators to view from one place and also next  to the lorry park.  Fences include huts, palisades, houses, hayrack, chairs from 50cm . The baby log course is tiny enough for the smallest  of ponies!  

The course is available to individuals (£35/horse), groups and clubs.  There is a large car/lorry park adjacent to the cross country course.  Other qualified instructors are welcome but must provide details of insurance.  All bookings should be made by telephone in advance and every rider must complete the safety form in the reception hut and check for course updates prior to riding.  We recommend that riders inspect on foot the course before riding.  

Tuition is encouraged to maintain a high level of safety and understanding of cross country riding, remembering it’s all about fun!