Which Contract Takes Precedence

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Any discrepancies in this RFP or contract will be resolved by prioritizing in the following order: Create document automations that allow you, your employees, and customers to automatically populate contract templates. When we advise our clients in the event of a contradiction between the clauses of their contract, we always use the priority clause. We do this first so that we can determine which clause has priority and how standard supplier documents will be handled. The general approach is that the main agreement takes precedence over the terms of a contract covered by the main agreement. The Contract Document may contain general terms and conditions and guidelines for ICT providers included by reference or hyperlink. The precedent clause must restrict the application of these conditions and guidelines to ensure that negotiated protection of master agreements is not nullified or restricted. When working on a construction contract, the basic document that sets out work processes, regulations, construction requirements, and preparations is usually the contract between the owner and the general contractor. This legal document sets the basic operating rules of the works contract, but usually has the lowest legal rank or precedence compared to all other construction documents dealing with construction specifications and details. (i) Organization. Each meeting of the Board of Directors shall be chaired by one of the following persons, in the following order of precedence: (a) the Chairman of the Board of Directors, or (b) a member elected by a majority of the directors present. The Secretary or, in his absence, any person (who is Alternate Secretary if an Alternate Secretary is present) appointed by the Chair shall act as Secretary of that meeting and shall keep the minutes of the meeting. Because construction projects are complex, contract documents often span hundreds of pages and it`s easy to have inconsistencies. These inconsistencies can often be used unfairly against you, so the precedence clause serves as a safeguard so you can understand which documents are most relevant in the event of a dispute.

During the execution, the contractor ordered the placement of 36 inches of infill under the concrete floor slabs, as shown in the drawings. The Armed Forces Contracts Appeal Board rejected the contractor`s claim for the resulting additional work and decided that, in view of the apparent discrepancy, the contractor was required to clarify despite the clear indication of the classification clause. The above problems often occur because contract forms, such as a work order (such as contract details) or referenced documents, take precedence over the main contract terms in the filing clause. This Plan and other incentive compensation plans in cash or shares, employee benefit plans or programs, the Company`s 2006 Stock Incentive Plan and any successor thereto (the “Stock Ownership Plan”) and agreements issued under this Plan and any employment or termination agreement that covers the Member (collectively, “benefit plans”) must be interpreted consistently. Due to the large number of individual documents submitted (CAE application, application addendum, Rev 1 Examination Response Report, Rev 2 Examination Response Report, Part 3 Review Response Report and Addendum to Part 3 Review Response Report), the Company has created an Application Information Key (“AIK”). The objective of the IYA was to assist examiners by identifying the classification of the different documents submitted. Classification takes into account potential differences between documents, such as discrepancies in results or evaluations, by identifying the most recent documents that take precedence over previous documents. The IIK summarizes the main change from the September 2009 EAC request.

For your information, we have made AIK available in our reporting section on the company`s website.