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Achievements in study programs at other state or state-recognized universities as well as achievements outside university studies are recognized upon application, provided that their equivalence with the achievements of the respective program of study is proven. Equivalence is determined if no significant difference can be demonstrated and if the achievements correspond substantially in content, scope and requirements to the program of study for which recognition is sought. This is the responsibility of the Audit Committee. The specific requirements for recognition and the exact procedure for this are regulated in the respective examination regulations of the study program. The basic requirement for a dual study programme at UE is an Abitur or a bachelor`s degree. If you do not have an up-to-date school-leaving certificate, please submit the most recent upper secondary school certificate. As soon as we receive your signed contract, we will issue you a letter of admission. Completing the CE application is the first step to becoming an ace. Take a moment to review our eligibility criteria, including the necessary elements before making an admission decision, as well as application deadlines. The EU accepts the EU`s request and the joint request. The application for EU authorisation is free of charge. The following requirements apply at the beginning of a bachelor`s degree program: The basic prerequisite for the bachelor`s degree program at the EU is the university entrance diploma*. We will check your requirements and inform you immediately after submitting the documents if you can be admitted to the program.

Special for: Application Requirements for High School Students | Application Requirements for Transfer Students | Application Requirements for International Students | Application requirements for doctoral students The basic requirement for the double baccalaureate at the EU is the university entrance qualification. Please note that the majority of our dual degrees are currently limited to German and European applicants. Most of our work-study programmes are currently offered in German (with selected modules in English). You can apply one year in advance for the start of the desired semester. The admission criteria for a study place in the EU are the university entrance qualification* and a portfolio (see requirements on the respective course page). To apply, please fill out our online application form. Upload your CV, a copy of your ID card and a copy of your Abitur/Bachelor certificate and certificate or equivalent. Please also write a cover letter (at least 500 words).

After your successful download, you will need to pass an admission test. Questions about admission requirements can be emailed to admission@evansville.edu. Do you have questions about the EU? Contact your personal admissions advisor for more information. To apply, please fill out our online application form. To do this, upload your CV, a copy of your ID card and a copy of your high school diploma or equivalent. As soon as we receive your signed contract, we will issue you a letter of admission. Please prepare a cover letter for the respective practice partner company. We`re here to help. If you need help, send your question to 812-618-4343 or send us an email. To message your admissions advisor directly, visit the map and select your state. * In exceptional cases, it is also possible to study without the general (technical) university entrance diploma.

The prerequisite is comprehensive professional training, at least two years of professional experience in discipline-related vocational training and enrolment in a related course of study. – Cambridge English Advanced and Proficiency 160 total * In some cases, you can also study without a high school diploma. In such cases, you must have at least three years of work experience and enroll in a program relevant to that experience. Additional proof of your employment contract with a practice partner company at the beginning of your studies (may be submitted later, but before the start of the semester). For UX/UI design, 3 work examples are relevant, e.g. designs of an application, a website, an interactive application or 3D renderings of objects/parts. If you are interested in spending time at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England; Participation in one of our teacher-led programs in countries such as China, Israel or Trinidad; or if you are starting a project related to services abroad, EU will help you find the right solution for your interests. The application deadline for the winter semester is 1 September* and for the summer semester is 28 February (non-EU: 5 February). After these deadlines, there will be a waiting list procedure for free study places each semester. If you already have a valid student visa for Germany, you can apply within the official application deadline. In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Policy on Campus Safety Disclosure and the Crime Statistics Act, the Bureau of Public Safety provides information on crime statistics, crime prevention, law enforcement, crime reporting and other related topics on campus.

– PASSWORD 5.5 (at least 5.0 in each component) Title IX InformationThe University of Evansville is committed to creating an atmosphere free from harassment and discrimination. This commitment includes identifying issues that can lead to sexual harassment and misconduct, as well as other forms of harassment and discrimination, by creating an atmosphere where the entire university community is sensitive to the prevention of prohibited conduct. If you feel you have experienced sexual harassment or misconduct or other forms of harassment and discrimination, please contact Annie Sills, Associate Director of Institutional Equity and Title IX Coordinator at the University of Evansville. Annie Sills, Deputy Director of Institutional Equity and Title IX Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator, RUC 263812-488-5261812-455-7606cs175@evansville.eduTitleIX@evansville.edu * In some cases, you may also study without a graduation certificate. The prerequisite is that you have a professional qualification and then at least two years of professional experience and that you aim for a study programme corresponding to your professional experience. – TOEIC Listen/Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150 Take a look at the EU View Book! Inside, you`ll find stories of EU students who had life-changing experiences at the University of Evansville. Plus, you`ll see a little bit of what we have to offer in Evansville and abroad. You can apply one year in advance for the start of the desired semester. You can take the entrance exam one year before the start of your studies without an Abitur or equivalent certificate.

This gives you certainty a year in advance whether you will be admitted to study at EU or not. For sports science, an additional aptitude test is required. – EF SET (50-minute test) 51 (only for students applying with an ME letter) We offer regular appointments for our sports aptitude test at our Iserlohn campus. * Please take into account delays, e.g. for entry visas. Exploring campus is one of the most important steps in your academic research. We have many tours, both on campus and virtually, where you can participate and see what the EU has to offer. We look forward to being part of your academic research. Once you have been accepted as a student, you will be asked to pay a booking fee of €3,000. The booking fee is a one-time payment that guarantees your place and is deducted from the total cost of the program.