Show Jumping Legal Whips

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No runner may carry, use or permit any whip other than as described below to be used in the arena, collecting ring or anywhere else on or in the immediate vicinity of the tournament field. Only one whip and no substitute for the whip may be worn. A whip, when worn, must be held by the handle with the handle at the top of the hand. The new rules for 2020 are now available on the UK show jumping website, which can be accessed and downloaded by anyone. You can check out the rules page of the British show jumping website here: The Darley Event Whip is allowed after the decision and measures 70cm – the maximum legal length for those who prefer a longer whip. Riders again have the choice between black, brown, burgundy and royal blue – the handle of this whip also corresponds to the chosen color. Dimensions: There are also two different types of handles: Normal (thickness 19mm) and Slim (thickness 16mm). (Please note that the thickness of the handle may vary as the whips are handmade) From 1 January (2020) this year, British Showjumping (BS) has confirmed a new rule that only pillow whips can be used in competitions. No other whips may be used in the arena, collecting ring or anywhere on or in the immediate vicinity of the tournament field. The rule also states that only one whip can be worn at a time and no alternative can be used. If you use a whisk, it should be held in your hand by the handle at the top. This new rule was enacted to promote horse welfare and applies to all BS members.

With the BS whip rule now in place for 2020, Redpost Equestrian has a variety of BS-legal whips that you can compete with without stress, knowing that you have the right whip to compete while jumping in style. As you may have heard, a new whip rule was introduced in British show jumping and came into effect on January 1, 2020. Now we know there has been some confusion about whether some whips are legal or not, so we thought we`d create our own practical interpretation of the new rules to make sure we have the right equipment this season. If you have any doubts about the whip you`re using, it`s a reasonable idea to check with the steward before jumping. We offer jumping plants in cheerful colors and different lengths, they are also available with a flat end that makes a loud popping noise without really hurting. FEI rules for show jumping state that the use of a whip is allowed in international competitions. However, the whisk should in no case be used after the elimination or relaxation of an athlete. This could result in sanctions and will be punished appropriately.

For minor cases of athlete-induced blood, the jury will consider on a case-by-case basis whether or not the use of whips and spurs is approved. In any case, significant blood leads to elimination. These stunning British show jumpers will add a touch of glamour to a show rider`s kit. In addition, the horse`s skin should never be broken or show visible traces of the use of the whip. In eventing competitions, the whip may not be used more than twice per incident. During the three tests, which include versatility, the horses are checked with blood and if they show fresh blood, the pair is eliminated. The Lemieux LeBaton 57cm Whip, £19.95. It is a jumping and all-purpose whisk with a friendly and shock-absorbing gel at the end and a generous handle. This whisk is available in five colors and fits perfectly with your show outfit. Its dimensions are:,%20Jan%202020.pdf Horze offers plants of different lengths and colors to accompany each rider, whether on the trail, in the arena or in cross-country.

The comfortable handles of the jumping plants make them easy to grip and can be used behind the horse`s leg or on the shoulder when an extra touch of incentive is needed. The picture is the thin handle variant, the handles of the other whips are the rubber event handle. Luxe Equine spring whips meet the standards of the British Showjumping Association. The whips sold by Equiport that comply with these rules are as follows: From 1 January 2020, the following rules will apply to British show jumping: The BSJA has introduced new rules for the specification of whips, which can be used from January 2020 in the arena, collecting ring or anywhere, on or in the immediate vicinity of the tournament field. Here you will find whips who abide by these rules Our beautiful legal BSJA spring whip is truly beautiful. If you`re planning to dive into the world of show jumping this year, you may already know that the UK`s rules for whip and bat jumping have changed for 2020. Here`s what these changes can mean for you, and suggestions for the appropriate show equipment if yours no longer fits. However, many animal welfare organizations are still fighting to ban the use of whips in horse racing. Should we focus on the science behind it or examine the morality behind the use of a whip? The new ProCush whip complies with the new UK jumping rules, which will come into force in January 2020. This does not apply during the awards ceremony, as winners may wear one when receiving their prize.

In equestrian sports, it is often common to see riders raising their whips or lowering their heads to salute. Nevertheless, the use of whips on horses for dressage tests is decreasing worldwide. The Darley York Thin Handle Jumping Whip is designed to meet the 2020 British jumping rules. This popular whisk has a thinner handle than many other models on the market, making it more comfortable to hold for kids and adults with smaller hands. It is available in a range of colors to match your competition outfit! According to the animal welfare science behind the effects of whipping on horses, it has been found that under such conditions, using an energy-absorbing whip does not cause pain when used within strict limits. This phenomenon is often referred to as “athlete analgesia”. This has led the sport`s authorities to allow a limited number of whips and to encourage jockeys to learn about the latest scientific discoveries for horse racing. In order to improve the welfare of horses in competition, only pillow whips are allowed.

These must measure between 45cm and 70cm, with a maximum weight of 160g, which must be weighted equally along the length of the whip. There must also be no binding within 17 cm of the end of the stamp. There are very different opinions on the use of whips at equestrian events. For many, it is cruel and a form of abuse. Others argue that it doesn`t really harm the horse and that it`s okay to use it to help the horse focus. In some places, such as California, it is now illegal to use a whip during horse racing, but in other places, such as the UK, jockeys face harsher penalties for excessive whipping use. Decorated with pretty rose gold crystals in rose gold. Longer rubber handle jumping whip, extra grip thin handle jumping whip, smaller rubber bat jumping whip Equiport accepts no responsibility for the information contained in this blog post and it is the responsibility of competitors to ensure that they comply with the relevant rules. If you have any doubts, please contact the steward before jumping.

Fleck Jockey Race Bat – New design – 60cm and 70cm The Fleck Delta Pro Jockey Bat offers unparalleled grip and ergonomic design, providing unparalleled maneuverability and comfort throughout use, ideal for professionals and beginners alike. Available in black or blue. NB: Due to our Covid-19 protocol, processing returns takes a little longer than normal as we quarantine packages before opening, be patient and they will be sorted as soon as possible. The tree: designation of the central core of the equipment.