Lloyd Law College Fees Structure 2021

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Our college is blessed with outstanding lectures as our students develop critical analysis in their areas of expertise. In India, the LLM degree is the most sought after as many aspirants today are looking for specialized degrees that enhance their skills and differentiate them from all LLB law students. Here`s a list of the most sought-after law centers and schools that offer LLM degrees in conjunction with their fee structures that help aspirants get a feel for where to look. Benaras Hindu University organizes a postgraduate entrance test (PET) for admission to LLM degrees at the university. There are mainly three types of LLM courses offered at the university. LLM General is a course with a course duration of 2 years (4 semesters), which is a non-self-funded course. For more information, visit their website. LLM (HRDE) is a self-funded course that falls under the university`s “specialized courses”. The duration of the course is 2 years (4 semesters) and the annual fee, including general academic fees, is 30,000 rupees. Lloyd Law College`s fee for the 3-year LLB course is approximately 1,000,000 per year for three years.

The total fee is about 3.2 lakhs. One of the most popular LLM courses, National Law University Delhi offers LLM courses for aspiring students who wish to pursue an academic career in the legal field. LLM (pro) is a 1-year (2 semesters) course that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of facets of the legal system. In addition to the compulsory theses of the first semester, candidates can choose their area of specialization during the last semester. Admission to the LLM at NLU Delhi is done through AILET, and the fee structure can be found on their website. LLM at the Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi is also one of the most sought-after courses for aspirants. Admission to the study program is based on a joint admission test. The duration of an LLM at the University of Delhi varies between a 2-year course to 3-year course, as the course structure of the programme is directed directly by the Dean. Using case documents reviewed annually by professors, students improve understanding of each case to strengthen their analytical power. For more information on course structure and fees, visit the University of Delhi website. Bangalore National Law University is a pioneer in high-quality education. In addition to the Bachelor of Laws, the Faculty of Law offers a 1-year LLM degree in two areas, Business Law and Human Rights Law.

Applicants can choose between these two options, and admission to the course is based solely on CLAT results. Because there are reservations, the fee structure varies accordingly. For students in the general category, Rs. 1,26,200/pa to Rs. 1,23,700/pa for reserved categories. In addition to Indian, the university also offers to teach international students for 4164 USD. www.careers360.com/colleges/lloyd-law-college-greater-noida The College is among the few to offer this integrated bachelor`s degree course with LLB. It aims to bring about political, social and economic change through law. The first two years focus exclusively on core human subjects, while the last three years focus exclusively on law subjects. Five years include a total of 10 semesters. In total, there are only 240 seats; Of these, 180 are filled by Lloyd Entrance Test (LET). The remaining 60 are reserved for students who pass the Common Law Entrance Test (CLAT).

Jamia Milia Islamia in New Delhi offers LLM for 2 years in the regular and executive program offered by the institution. Admission for both programs is limited to 30 places each. The LLM courses that are popular at Jamia are corporate law, criminal law and personal law. In addition to regular courses, LLM (Executive) is also conducted, which is self-funded and is a weekend program better suited to working professionals. Other courses such as the PG Diploma in Airspace Law and Labour Law are also offered to interested candidates. Each course has its own fee structure, for which candidates must consult it on their website. Prof NR Madhava Menon Asian Jural Conclave 2021-22: More Info Lloyd Law College in Greater Noida is a leader in quality education. Under the guidance and ongoing support of the late Dr. N.R. Madhava Menon, a pioneer of the legal education system, the college benefited greatly from his mentorship.

Although our popular courses are BA LLB and LLB, Lloyd Law College signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Buckingham this year for an extensive one-year LLM programme in International and Commercial Law. A course that mirrors the global curriculum, open to Indian students and SAARC, a course that exposes students to the emerging importance of artificial intelligence in our perspective on the study of law. The College`s primary goal is to provide law students with a distinctive advantage by offering the LLM course across our campus. Until 2012, NALSAR offered 1 year LLM in various specializations, but in 2013 there was a change in their policy regarding LLM, as this would now mean that anyone who put more papers in a field would add to their LLM specialization, provided that each student took 3 mandatory courses: Research methods and legal writing, Law and justice in the era of globalization and comparative public law. The idea of a diverse but systematized LLM would mean that the applicant would have the option to choose their specific area of expertise for their degree, but would meet the requirements to earn the degree. Their fee structure can be found on their prospectus, which can be viewed on their website. All aspirants should pay attention to this in any case, even before completing their CLAT exam. Help other aspirants by sharing your opinion on this college Lloyd Law College offers a unique opportunity to study law with a national academic reputation. The College strives to bring about social, political and economic change through law. The LLM course at GNLU is intensive but varied, as the course structure is divided into two semesters, covering topics ranging from corporate business law, constitutional and administrative law, intellectual property law to legal education and training.

The prerequisites of the course are three courses in particular: legal research methods and writing, law and justice in the globalized world, and comparative public law/systems of government. University admission follows the booking policy and fee structure with full separation is provided on their website which goes up to Rs. 1,80,000/pa. For more information, visit their website. United Nations Fellow 2017Currently: Assistant Professor, Lloyd Law CollegeLL.M (Vermont Law School, USA) Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida offers integrated 5-year BA LLB and 3-year LLB programs for students who wish to pursue their careers in the field of law. Applicants wishing to be admitted to the BA LL.B and LL.B courses must sit for the National Law Entrance Examination organised by Lloyd Law College and then attend an interview. ALL INDIA CONCIL OF HUMAN RIGHTS, LIBERTIES & SOCIAL JUSTICE: Awarded to LLOYD LAW COLLEGE for excellence in legal education – 2012. Lloyd Law College is proud of the students who are the institution`s standard-bearers in extracurricular and extracurricular activities. This course is offered on the basis of a candidate`s grades in 10+2 or another equivalent exam. The minimum is 45% points.

According to the standards of the Bar Council of India, there is no age limit for students. The process involves an entrance exam (CLAT/LET), an in-person interview and then merit is taken into account when selecting the right students. The word LLM comes from Legum Magister, which stands for Master of Laws, an LLM is internationally recognized as a Post-Juris Doctor (JD) degree, for anyone wishing to specialize in the field of law. Unlike a simple degree or a professional degree such as BA LLB, an LLM degree is optional. While a BA LLB or undergraduate course provides students with the general knowledge and legal approach that helps them advance their professional interests, an LLM enhances the legal knowledge base, concepts, and theories in a more nuanced way. Thus, we can say that a Bachelor of Laws is more like an admission test for a professional career in the field of law, while an LLM expands the knowledge base for advanced study and specialization in a particular legal subject. The more you express yourself, the more you can help other potential students. Your experience is extremely valuable The LLB program is a 3-year course. It is awarded on the basis of grades obtained in a particular discipline. The academic model must be 10 + 2 + 3, and the student must have achieved a minimum total of 45%. The selection of students is entirely based on the results of the LET and then personal interviews.

Academic Toppers: Congratulations to all Toppers for their wonderful achievements. The College was fortunate to benefit from the guidance, mentorship and patronage of Padma Bhushan Prof. (Dr.) N.R. Madhava Menon, respected educator and standard-bearer of legal education reforms in India. Professor Menon was a visionary in legal education and the designer and architect of the five-year integrated B.A.LL.B. programme in India and the founder of the country`s leading legal institutions, including the National Law School of India University, Bangalore and the National University of Legal Sciences, Kolkata. Recognized as the “legend of law” and the “father of modern legal education in India”, Prof. Menon`s tireless efforts to transform and modernize the country`s legal education have succeeded in putting Indian legal education on an equal footing with legal institutions in developed countries.